Monday, September 26, 2011

In Love With Books Again

I suspect I will be using that title for many posts.
Just saw these fantastic endpaperes on DesignSponge. These are from redesigns of books of poetry, envisioned by Faber, and it looks like nothing was spared in these editions. As a book designer myself I can tell you how amazing it is to have the budget to create beautiful endpapers. It's a part of the book that is often forgotten about, but always appreciated when it's there. It's a little luxury.

I'm not much of a pattern person in a large sense—my sheets are pure white, my furniture solid wood or leather or canvas, my walls painted in Benjamin Moore's Decorators White. When you have what feels like 3 million books everywhere and tons of art your home starts feeling awfully busy. However, I do have a passion for snippets of pattern. I have folders of wrapping paper and fabric swatches, and entire books of wacky patterns throughout the ages. I like my pattern contained.

Endpapers is an amazing contained place to go pattern-bananas.

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